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About Bonfire

Bonfire evokes warmth, gathering and connection – which are exactly the feelings we aim to inspire while launching this platform. As friends gather around the bonfire to share stories and laughter, volunteers will be able to come together over a shared purpose. Whether your own personal mission is about decreasing food insecurity, advocating for equitable housing policies, or helping older adults avoid isolation, Bonfire allows you to build a network of people, organizations, and opportunities that empower you to make the world a better place.

United Way of 1000 Lakes' goal behind launching Bonfire is to ignite volunteer action in the area, directing the collective power of those who care about their community to make long-term positive change. In a time when our ability to connect in person is limited, Bonfire provides a virtual space in which we can all work together to build community. 

News: United Way Launches Volunteer Platform


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