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For Individuals

I want to volunteer! How do I get started?

Create a free account here, then search for opportunities that suit your skill level, schedule, and interests.

Can I keep track of my volunteer service?

Track your volunteer hours by going to My Account → My History. There, you’ll see a list of the hours you’ve spent volunteering, as well as opportunities you’re signed up for in the future. You can also print a copy of your history.

I signed up to volunteer but I can’t make it anymore. How do I cancel?

To cancel an upcoming opportunity, go to My Account → My History. You’ll have a list of upcoming opportunities, and you will have the option to cancel your participation in the event.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Go to Volunteer → Search Projects to browse opportunities. You can narrow down your search by filtering results by schedule, organization, impact area, and more. Once you find a project that you'd like to participate in, click on "Sign Up" or "Express Interest," located at the bottom of the opportunity description.

I’m trying to sign up for an opportunity but I’m unable to. Why can’t I sign up?

Certain opportunities have age requirements, registration cutoffs, and attendance limits. Occasionally, projects are reserved for specific groups. If you still want to try and volunteer, email the opportunity leader to ask if you can still sign up.

What does it mean to Express Interest?

Opportunities that allow you to express interest are usually individually scheduled or completed on your own time. Expressing interest in an opportunity does not commit you to volunteering – it allows the agency to contact you directly with further information. You will also receive an email with contact information for the organization so that you can follow up with them.

I would like to volunteer with a group. How do I create and manage a volunteer team?

When you click on a volunteer opportunity, you can select the option “Sign up with a team.” Then, you can create a team by providing a name and a list of team members. Each time you create a team, it will be saved to your account, so you can continue to volunteer with that team.


For Nonprofits

What are the benefits to my organization joining Bonfire?

Bonfire is a resource available free to nonprofit and community organizations in the Itasca area. The platform makes it easy to connect with volunteers in the area, track volunteer impact, and more.

How do we sign up?

Register your organization here. If your organization is already on the site, sign up by making an individual volunteer account, and email with a request to be given access to your organization. Following approval, you will be able to post opportunities.

I submitted an opportunity. Why isn’t it showing up?

Opportunities are reviewed by United Way staff before they are approved to appear on the site. You will receive an email notification once the project has been approved and posted.

What is an occurrence?

Occurrences are basically shifts. Create an occurrence for each shift you’re looking to fill, and volunteers can sign up based on their schedule.

What is the difference between a project and an activity?

Projects encompass anything that a volunteer accumulates volunteer hours doing. Participation in activities does not count towards volunteer hours, so your organization may designate trainings and networking events as activities, if you don’t provide volunteer credit for participation in such events. Generally, most volunteer opportunities will be considered projects.

How do we connect with volunteers?

Once a volunteer opportunity has been submitted been approved, it will show up in the search page. Volunteers will then be able to either sign up or express interest, and you will receive a notification email with the volunteer’s contact information.


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